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What’s the difference between Asus ROG & Asus TUF?

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Asus ROG & Asus TUF


The difference between Asus ROG series & Asus TUF series:

TUF is the name given to budget gaming laptops produced by Asus. They are generally directed towards people
that want a low cost laptop while still having the same high quality experience as ROG customers do.
ROG is the name given to high end products for Asus, more specifically gamers.
ASUS TUF and ROG are 2 different series. There are many models in them and your performance
will depend on the CPU and GPU (along with graphics VRAM) you choose. ROG series almost always come with mid range
or higher CPU and GPU and never includes starting tier gaming CPU and GPU to maintain its brand image. However,
TUF is more versatile and include highest end CPUs like Ryzen 4800H and higher end GPUs like GTX 2080 at higher prices
and also get the lower end gaming processors like Ryzen 3550H/i5–8300H and basic gaming GPUs like RX560X and GTX 1050
for the lower priced models.

The main difference between TUF & ROG is in build quality. TUF laptops almost always has full plastic build whereas ROG can
have alumium lids in many models. Though, the bottom case with palm rest is almost always plastic so that the high
heat from gaming is not transferred to keyboard or palmrest. Both laptops are durable regardless of presence of aluminium in casing.
ROG is thinner than TUF in general. Also, ROG has better keyboard backlighting with individual or Zonal RGB lights whereas
TUF generally has only red backlight and in few cases, zonal RGB. ROG charges about $100–200 premium for the build
quality like aluminium lid, RGB, branding and sleek design.

Other than these build related additions, ROG and TUF are the same in power-performance if CPU and GPU are same.
Just find the right specifications in terms of CPU, GPU, battery and screen as these are not upgradable later.
All other things like SSD, RAM are upgradeable. You can have 2 hard disks in TUF & ROG laptops – 1 M.2 SSD and another 2.5 inch SSD/HDD and hence simply buy the laptop with M.2 SSD and add an old 2.5″ SSD/HDD from your previous laptop in the empty slot.

Overall, ROG is the premium laptop series which offers premium gaming laptops. A few subseries like ROG Strix and
ROG Zephyrus further have certain differences with Zephyrus being ultra premium but I won’t delve into that here.

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